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Spain Trip Part 6: A Night in Lloret de Mar

After spending the day in Barcelona, we came back to Lloret de Mar. The tour guide had offered that we could stay in Barcelona longer if we wanted to find out own way back, but since that could have been expensive, we decided to head back to Lloret. When we Read more →

Tequila Cocina Mexicana in Mannheim

My husband had gone for lunch one time at Tequila Cocina Mexicana in Mannheim and said it was better than other places we’d had Mexican food (or rather German approximations of Mexican food) in Germany. It still wasn’t quite authentic, but was better. So, I figured we could go while Read more →

Getting My Mexican Fix at Chimichanga in Heidelberg

A few days after getting the car fixed, we went to Chimichanga Bar y Cantina Mexicana. I first heard about this place from Toytown Germany and my husband had apparently found out about it the same way. We made plans to go with a couple of his coworkers. The interior had Read more →

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