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Residenzschloss Ludwigsburg (Ludwigsburg Residential Palace)

On a weekend toward the end of April (last year, obviously, because I’m still that far behind), I had wanted to go to Luxembourg. However, my husband pointed out that we’d be an hour closer when we moved to Kaiserslautern (which we did in June), so I picked Ludwigsburg instead. Read more →

Karlsruhe Palace & Some of the City

Toward the end of March, we went to Karlsruhe. We parked right near Schloss Karlsruhe (Karlsruhe Palace), so that was the first thing we went to. I had not realized that there was a museum on the inside of it. Inside the museum, there was a turm (tower) for people Read more →

Schwetzingen Schloss und Schlossgarten (Schwetzingen Palace and Palace Garden)

When we went up to Ramstein and got lost, we got a GPS. My husband said it was the best thing that could happen for our tourism because part of why we had not ventured very far was that we didn’t yet have one and seemed to get lost whenever Read more →

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