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Science Fair: Making Tie-Dye Milk & Going 104 Ft Up in the Air

Heidelberg’s Army Child Youth & School Services held a science fair on April 20th at the middle school on Patrick Henry Village. Kids could go from booth to booth trying out different projects. Many of the booths were operated by staff from the PHV Child Development Center, including myself. While Read more →

4th of July Fireworks at Patrick Henry Village & Info About Some Events Going On This Year

It’s time to tell you about last year’s 4th of July (and some events going on this year). Yep, I’m officially a year behind, but the way events were spaced out toward the end of 2012, I should actually be able to catch up to this year in a couple months Read more →

Contributions to Germany Ja

Over the last few weeks I’ve had a few posts published on Germany Ja and wanted to highlight them as well as tell you a bit about Germany Ja and other “Overseas Yes” sites. The “Overseas Yes” series started with Okinawa Hai. Then Germany Ja was added followed by Korea Ye. Read more →

My Blogiversary: One Year of Overseas Adventures

I made my first post to Overseas Adventures on October 7th, 2011, about one month before we made our move. Originally I had planned to start the blog from the time we moved, but the moving process proved to be complicated enough that I decided to start early to give people Read more →

Schützenhaus near Patrick Henry Village

We had heard about Schützenhaus from a friend who found it when he took a wrong turn. We tried to find it on my birthday but after driving for awhile down the street and not seeing it, we thought we were on the wrong street and turned around. On March 17th, we Read more →

Photo a Day: August 22nd-26th

I took a few pictures this week but didn’t intentionally take pictures to the prompts for the Photo a Day Challenge. One fit for the the prompt from the day before it was taken, so I’ll post that. The others all come from other weeks or even months, but have Read more →

Photo a Day: August 1st-7th

It’s a new month and Fat Mum Slim has a new set of Photo a Day prompts for August. The first seven prompts for the month were outside, one, coin, somewhere you sat, logo, writing, and 8 o’clock. 1. Outside 2. One 3. Coin 4. Somewhere You Sat 5. Logo Read more →

On Post Housing Inspection and Recieving Our Temporary Furniture

We left the hotel in morning and brought the dogs with us to the new place so we could wait for a guy to come for the move-in inspection and for movers to bring the temporary furniture. We waited for about an hour after the guy was supposed to come Read more →

Getting Permanent Housing in Patrick Henry Village

Many people had told us not to accept the first place we were offered if we didn’t like it. Some places here are shabby, or lack things like a washer and dryer. Some have a separate room with an American washer and dryer while others have the smaller, stackable German Read more →

Wandering Hauptstraße and My First Österreicher Schokolade (Austrian Chocolate)

After Café Rossi, we walked back toward Hauptstraße (Main St.) and wandered, mostly just looking. We stopped in Chocolaterie St. Anna No. 1, which is actually on St. Anna Gasse, a slight right off Hauptstraße if you’re coming from Bismarckplatz (Bismarck Square). The woman inside started telling us something in German Read more →

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