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Back to the the Adventures with Getting Our Unaccompanied Baggage

I think this is the longest I’ve gone without posting since I started keeping this blog. I went so long that Laura even called me out on her blog. My apologies, readers. While there were a few other reasons in play like being busy and sometimes lazy, one of the Read more →

Getting Permanent Housing in Patrick Henry Village

Many people had told us not to accept the first place we were offered if we didn’t like it. Some places here are shabby, or lack things like a washer and dryer. Some have a separate room with an American washer and dryer while others have the smaller, stackable German Read more →

Our Temporary Lodging at the Patrick Henry Village Guesthouse in Heidelberg

I previously mentioned that we were put in room 666 for our temporary lodging, but we didn’t get to really see it right away because we had things to get done. So now I’ll tell you a bit about it: The room itself was pretty standard: a queen bed, a Read more →

Updating Our Military IDs, Applying for Housing, and Getting Ration Cards

After dropping off our dogs and luggage in our temporary housing, we had a few things to get done. We were in Patrick Henry Village, and found out everywhere we needed to go was closer to the other installation, Mark Twain Village. Fortunately, we had our sponsor to drive us. Read more →

Getting to Heidelberg and Getting Temporary Housing

A civilian worker met us at the secure room in the airport to lead us out to the bus to Heidelberg. I was allowed to take the lift (elevator) with the dogs while he and my husband took the escalator with the luggage. It was a tight fit in the Read more →

Finding Our Way Around Frankfurt Airport

Our flight from Atlanta to Frankfurt landed around 6am. I took some pictures of the airport from the plane while we taxied. When we walked off the plane into Frankfurt Airport, we weren’t sure where to go. My husband said someone was supposed to meet us but didn’t know where. Read more →

From Charleston, SC to Atlanta, GA to Frankfurt, Germany

The first flight, which left Charleston International Airport, was fairly empty. We heard a thud toward the back of the plane as it ascended. My husband, Tim, joked that it was probably Gir then pointed out the window and said, “There she goes with her parachute.” I don’t know how Read more →

Getting To and Through the Charleston International Airport

We took an airport shuttle from the Charleston Radisson to the Charleston International Airport (CHS). My husband and I and another lady were the only ones on it. We put Gir in her crate in the back with the luggage and Apollo on the seats across from us. Surprisingly they Read more →

Moving My Mazda 3 to Germany Part II

Letter Problems Before I could take my Mazda 3 to the port, I had to get a permission letter from Chase, the lien holder on the car. Once I had turned in the information they required, I had been told the permission letter would be sent to us by October Read more →

The Charleston Radisson, Not So Rad Part II

The Charleston Radisson had Sleep Number beds, which are supposed to be good. We didn’t know how to adjust them into a comfortable setting and one of the controllers was broken, so we just left them as they were.  Whatever it was set at was not great for me as Read more →

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