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Getting Our Household Goods

The delivery men finally showed up around three. Similar to when the household goods were loaded, there were three guys, one who seemed to be the leader and two others. The leader laid out the inventory list and asked me to check off the box numbers as they came in. Read more →

Back to the the Adventures with Getting Our Unaccompanied Baggage

I think this is the longest I’ve gone without posting since I started keeping this blog. I went so long that Laura even called me out on her blog. My apologies, readers. While there were a few other reasons in play like being busy and sometimes lazy, one of the Read more →

…Move It Out

The movers came at 9am the day after the packers. There was one main guy who seemed to be in charge and of  who seemed to be his helpers. They carried out the things that were already boxed and labeled with orange stickers for household goods. Then the main guy Read more →

Pre-Move Walkthrough and Packing Before the Professionals

Pre-Move Walk Through On October 19th, we had a pre-move walk through with someone to inventory our household goods. The lady came around noon and wasn’t there more than 15 minutes. She was very friendly and even gave attention to both our dogs. She said that we had 5000 lbs. Read more →

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