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Dinner at Zur Dicken Emma Preceded By a Gas Mishap

At the end of June, some of my grad school cohort got together for dinner at Zur Dicken Emma (The Big Emma), a restaurant in Ramstein-Miesenbach. My husband declined to go with me, so I went on my own. This would be the first time I had gotten gas on Read more →

Goldener Hecht & the Neckar River Flood in Heidelberg

I’m back! Over the last few months, I’ve put in several hundred hours at my practicum site, completed (and passed) a comprehensive exam for my degree, and wrote a final professional paper for my degree, so you can see why it’s been a little quiet around here. I have several Read more →

Farewell Dinner at Europa

Although we had known for awhile that we would be moving to Kaiserslautern near when the garrison in Heidelberg would close down, we didn’t know exactly when. Eventually we found out it was going to be at the beginning of June. A friend I worked with turned out to be Read more →

Spain Trip Part 6: A Night in Lloret de Mar

After spending the day in Barcelona, we came back to Lloret de Mar. The tour guide had offered that we could stay in Barcelona longer if we wanted to find out own way back, but since that could have been expensive, we decided to head back to Lloret. When we Read more →

Spain Trip Part 2: LLoret de Mar

The first thing we decided to do when we headed out from our hotel in Lloret de Mar, Spain was to find something to eat. As we walked, it quickly became apparent that the city has plentiful drug dealers and prostitutes. People walk past you muttering the names of different Read more →

Strasbourg, France Part 3

When looking for a place for dinner, we tried to pick somewhere that sounded good and affordable based on the menus posted outside the doors. Many places that we passed were a little expensive. We ended up at Zuem Stadtwappe at 9 Place Gutenberg. It was also on the pricier side, Read more →

My First Time Trying Maultaschen

My husband picked me up from work on the last Friday in September, and my camera was on the seat. I asked why he had it in the car, and he said he thought I wanted to take pictures at Schützenhaus since I hadn’t last time or, he suggested, we Read more →

Celebrating Our First Anniversary

When I stopped to think about why I hadn’t managed even one post during the last session of school, I took a look at the number of words I’d written for my class conferences and found out I’d hit almost 21,500 just for one graduate class, which is about as Read more →

Meeting a Fellow Blogger at Café Gecko

In early April, fellow blogger Laura of German-American Abroad returned to Germany for a visit and invited me to meet up with her at Café Gecko, which would be the first time for both of us meeting someone we knew only from the blogosphere. I had never been to Café Read more →

Schützenhaus near Patrick Henry Village

We had heard about Schützenhaus from a friend who found it when he took a wrong turn. We tried to find it on my birthday but after driving for awhile down the street and not seeing it, we thought we were on the wrong street and turned around. On March 17th, we Read more →

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