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Stuttgart Part 3: More Wandering & My First Saft at Sommerfest

After lunch at Adulis, we resumed exploring the city and half-searching for my husband’s store. At one point, I asked to go into a bookstore. I found the set up interesting because German books were right beside English ones in each section, but this also made it somewhat confusing. My Read more →

Stuttgart Part 2: Lunch at Adulis (East African Cuisine)

After wandering Stuttgart, we ended up stopping at Adulis on Esslinger Strasse, having no idea what it was. I took a picture outside afterwards, but didn’t want to be awkward taking one inside since we were the only people there at first, but there is a picture on their site. Read more →

Stuttgart Part 1: Sommerfest & Wandering the City

In early August, I realized we hadn’t been outside Heidelberg in a little while and I didn’t want to spend another Saturday hanging out at home, so my husband told me to pick somewhere. I went to my Wanderlust Wishlist for Germany and decided to poke through the cities in our Read more →

Photo a Day: August 1st-7th

It’s a new month and Fat Mum Slim has a new set of Photo a Day prompts for August. The first seven prompts for the month were outside, one, coin, somewhere you sat, logo, writing, and 8 o’clock. 1. Outside 2. One 3. Coin 4. Somewhere You Sat 5. Logo Read more →

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