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Getting a Tourist Passport While Living in Germany

I had never had a passport before we got orders to Germany, but a little while before we came here, I got a no-fee passport. I was originally told that I could travel on it but later found out that’s not the case. Countries in the European Union have open Read more →

5 on Friday Link Up: 5 American Products I Discovered in Germany

I have written about my some of my favorite German products a couple of times (here and here). Today I want to tell you about some American products that I didn’t use until I lived in Germany. Since there happened to be 5 of them, I saved it for the Read more →

Guest Post Exchange with Katrin: What We Love in the United States and Germany

I’d like to introduce you to Katrin from Land of Candy Canes, my first ever guest poster on Overseas Adventures. Katrin is a German who currently lives in Ohio. I am originally from Ohio and currently live in Germany. So, I thought it would be fun to do an exchange Read more →

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