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Goodbye Overseas Adventures; Hello Embracing Adventure & Thank You 100+ Followers.

Hello readers! You may or may not know that I used to blog at Overseas Adventures (amandapoverseas.wordpress.com). Today want to tell you a bit about what happened to that blog and why I’ve changed the name and moved over to my own site. When I had signed up at WordPress.com, Read more →

My Blogiversary: One Year of Overseas Adventures

I made my first post to Overseas Adventures on October 7th, 2011, about one month before we made our move. Originally I had planned to start the blog from the time we moved, but the moving process proved to be complicated enough that I decided to start early to give people Read more →

Categories Created and Coming Soon

Overseas Adventures originally just had categories for the Germany Moving Process followed by Learning German and Life in Germany with subcategories On the Army Post and Out in Heidelberg. In the last couple months, I’ve added a few more and plan on adding some new ones soon. So I figured now Read more →

Theme Change to Chateau and New Pages

The Theme When I first started Overseas Adventures, I’d picked Black Letterhead for the theme. I figured I would probably change it at some point, but I was pretty fond of the black background with orange accents. I liked the font and overall feel, so it wasn’t a pressing issue. Read more →

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