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In Germany

I’m behind on posting on all of the exploring Germany I’ve done, but here is the list of cities, towns, and such I’ve been to so far. They are listed under their respective states and those I’ve written posts about so far link to the post(s) about that place. Below each location, I’ll mention the time I spent there, as there are some areas in which I spent a full day or more exploring while in others I was only there long enough to see a castle or other site.  Most locations are within Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate as these were the states I lived in.


Eppelheim is close to Heidelberg, and while I passed through it often I never really explored it, or I considered it part of Heidelberg if I did. There was a restaurant called Schützenhaus right outside of Patrick Henry Village that we went to a few times. After the garrison in Heidelberg closed, the restaurant had a notice that they were only available for catering reservations. As of May 2014 someone noted on TripAdvisor that a Greek restaurant has taken its place and that the Schützenhaus owners may have opened a new restaurant in Landstuhl.

Since I lived here for about a year and a half from November 2011 to June 2013 I have quite a few posts that relate to exploring Heidelberg. If you’re interested in reading about life on post, those posts are here.

Insel Mainau or Mainau Island
I went here on a day trip with RTT in July 2015 but haven’t written about it yet.

I was able to see inside the Schloss but a couple streets in to walking the city it started to rain and we went home.

I saw the residential palace here.

This city is only about 20 minutes away from where we used to live in Heidelberg, so we’ve been here a few times, twice at length.

Although Sandhausen is pretty close to where we lived in Heidelberg I never really explored it, just ate at a restaurant there a couple times which was first known as Villa Verdi then as Trattoria Vecchia Bari 2.

I went here to see the Schloss und Schlossgarten (Castle and Castle Garden) but didn’t have a chance to explore the city.

I went on a day trip here in May 2012.

I went on a day trip here during their 2012 Sommerfest.


In June 2014, I went to the concentration camp memorial as part of an Outdoor Recreation trip. I was also able to see part of the city, but not much.

While I did go into the city a bit, I did not go very far. Most of the time, I was at Legoland Deutschland.

I went on an Outdoor Recreation trip here in June 2014. It was paired with a trip to Dachau so I spent about half a day exploring the city. I have not posted about my trip yet.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber
I went on a day trip here in November 2014. I haven’t written about my trip yet.


I went on an Outdoor Recreation trip here in July 2015. I haven’t posted about it yet.


When we got lost on what we thought was the way to Ramstein, we bought our GPS at the MediaMarkt in Darmstadt.

I went on a day trip here in September 2014. I haven’t posted about my trip yet.

I flew in to Frankfurt in November 2011. In May 2014, I finally went back for a day trip. When it was time to leave in November 2015, I flew out from here as well. So far I have only posted about flying in to the airport.

In February 2012, we parked on post in Wiesbaden and took a train into Mainz for the Fasching parade. In January and September 2014 I finally got to go back to explore more of the city, but I haven’t posted about September yet.


Bad Dürkheim
In September 2012, I went to Bad Dürkheim for the Dürkheimer Wurstmarkt (the largest wine festival in the world) and explored the city a bit then went back again to the Wurstmarkt the next weekend.

Bad Sobernheim
I went to a barefoot park here, which I still need to post about, but I did not explore the city.

Burg Lichtenberg
Burg Lichtenberg is a castle ruin near Thallichtenberg. Normally I’d list the city or town a castle is near, but in this case I figured people are more likely recognize the castle name. I went here for a Christmas market, which I still need to post about.

I went on a day trip to Cochem in February 2015 but haven’t posted about it yet.

I went on a day trip here in October 2015 but haven’t written about it yet.

I lived in Kaiserslautern from June 2013 to November 2015. These posts will be about exploring the city, which I haven’t caught up to posting about. 
Posts about daily life on the base I live on or other bases in the Kaiserslautern Military Community will be here.

I went to an underground bunker here in February 2014, which I still need to post about. It’s about 15 minutes from where we lived In Kaiserslautern.

I haven’t done a lot in Landstuhl the municipality, but what I have done will be here once I post about it. Anything about Landstuhl the the military instillation will be under Daily Life in Germany-On the Military Installation-Kaiserslautern.

I went to some restaurants in Ramstein-Miesenbach. The link will go to posts about them though I have only written about one so far. Posts about Ramstein the Air Base are here.

Although I mostly went right to the post if I had to go out this way, we drove around Sembach a bit when we first found out we were moving to Kaiserslautern.

I went to the Jewish museum here in November 2015 but did not see much of the town.

I went on a day trip here in September 2012. You especially may want to check out Worms if you’re familiar with the German legend The Nibelungenlied (Song of the Nibelungs) or if you like dragons.

North Rhine-Westphalia

Cologne (Köln)

I spent a weekend in Cologne in August 2012. I stayed in the Art ‘otel Cologne, saw the Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom) and other sites, went to the Chocolate Museum, checked out the Altstadtfest, Hard Rock Cafe, and a few bars, went to the Cologne Zoo and saw some sights on the way, explored some more and went to Latino Loco and the rooftop terrace of the hotel, explored the city some more, and saw the love locks on the Hohenzollern Bridge. While I was at the zoo, my husband went to Games Day.



I went to a medieval festival in the nature park here in August 2015 but haven’t posted about it yet.

Sankt (Saint) Wendel
I went to St. Wendel for a Christmas market in December 2014 but haven’t posted about it yet.


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  1. Funny … I was excited to see what you thought of the few places I visited while studying in Berlin 10 years ago. But, somehow, the *many* places you’ve been don’t overlap at all with the few cities I visited (Dresden, Weimar, Berlin). I guess I’ll have to check out less-familiar places through your posts. 🙂

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