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In Germany

I’m behind on posting on the places we’ve been within Germany, but here is the list so far. I’ll update with links to the posts about each location as I add them. The top part by state will be for places I’ve actually gotten to explore. The bottom is for places I was only at briefly, for example just to eat at a restaurant or see a castle.

Places I’ve Explored:

Heidelberg (Since we lived here for about a year and a half, I have a whole category for posts that relate to exploring Heidelberg)
Mannheim (This city is only about 20 minutes away from where we used to live so we’ve been here a few times, twice at length)

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Frankfurt- (Only have a post up on the airport so far but did explore the city)
Wiesbaden-(parked on post and took a train to Mainz. Have been back to explore the city since but still need to post about it)

Bad Dürkheim
Kaiserslautern (We currently live here, just haven’t posted about it yet. This will link to posts about exploring the city. Posts about daily life on the base I live on or other bases in the Kaiserslautern Military Community will be here.)
Ramstein-Miesenbach (This is for posts on the city. Posts about Ramstein the base wold be here).

North Rhine-Westphalia
Cologne (Köln)

Sankt (Saint) Wendel (I went here for a Christmas market but haven’t posted about it yet)

Places I’ve Been Briefly:
Darmstadt-the MediaMarkt where we bought our GPS because we got lost on the way to…
Sandhausen-is pretty close to where we lived in Heidelberg. I haven’t really been through it. We’ve just eaten at a restaurant there a couple times.
Mainz-I could probably list this above since we were there for awhile, but we were watching a parade more than seeing the city.
Günzburg-While we did also go into the city a bit, we did not go very far. Most of the time we were at Legoland Deutschland.
Eppelheim-Like Sandhausen, it’s close to Heidelberg, and there’s a restaurant there we went to.
Schwetzingen-We have only been to the Schloss und Schlossgarten (Castle and Castle Garden)
Karslruhe-We went right to the Schloss and down a couple streets before the rain sent us back home.
Ludwigsburg-We went to the castle.
Kindsbach-Went to an underground bunker there, which I still need to post about. It’s about 15 minutes from where we live.
Dachau-I went to the concentration camp, which I still need to post on, but did not see much of city.
Bad Sobernheim-I went to a barefoot park here and will post about it in the future, but I did not explore the city.
Burg Lichtenberg-I went to this castle, which is near Thallichtenberg in Kusel in Rhineland-Palatinate, for a medieval Christmas market, which I still need to post about.
Landstuhl-I haven’t done much in the city of Landstuhl, but what I have done will be here once I post about it. Anything about Landstuhl the base will be under Daily Life in Germany-On the Military Installation-Kaiserslautern.
Pirmasens-I took a discovery flight here.

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  1. Funny … I was excited to see what you thought of the few places I visited while studying in Berlin 10 years ago. But, somehow, the *many* places you’ve been don’t overlap at all with the few cities I visited (Dresden, Weimar, Berlin). I guess I’ll have to check out less-familiar places through your posts. :)

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